I'm Kumar Manglam

A notable Forex and cryptocurrency trader, recognized as Devil Trader, skillfully uses data and analysis to achieve substantial earnings. He successfully manages a high-performing forex fund, excelling in various market conditions.


Global market for trading foreign currencies.


Trading the shares of world’s biggest companies.


Trading metals like Gold, Silver etc


Trade in various commodities like Crude Oil.

My Skills

Follow My Extraordinary & unbeatable Market Analysis

With the experience of more than 5 years in the financial market, the market’s Technical analysis that I have been making, has helped more than 2 million people take well thought trades and generate Returns on Investment (ROI) of upto 3 times in a very limited time frame.
For a better understanding of the same, Kindly visit the Instagram or YouTube page and give sneak peek.

About Me

Kumar Manglam, known as Devil Trader, brings over a decade of experience in forex and crypto trading. He shares market insights, forecasts, and coaching to help traders succeed in these dynamic markets. Devil Trader’s vast experience makes him a trusted influencer in both forex and crypto trading.

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